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Business License Application

All businesses engaging in business activity in the City of Nogales must receive a business license prior to engaging in business.


All businesses must first submit a completed business license application form with $35 non-refundable payment. The form can be downloaded by clicking on the form to the right.


Please submit the completed form and $35 payment to:


Business License Application

City of Nogales, Arizona

777 North Grand Avenue

Nogales, AZ 85621




Please call Customer Service at 520-287-6571 after license is submitted. Please allow a minimum of 24 hour turn-around on all business license applications.


Additional license fees are determined after business application is submitted.

Business Licenses

All existing businesses must obtain annually a Nogales Business License. Initial licensing fee is $35, prorated quarterly. The Nogales Business License is separate and distinct from the Nogales occupacional tax license. New Nogales Businesses will be assessed in appication fees of $35 plus the $35 annual fee. 


Occupational Tax

All businesses involved in non-retail activities must receive an Occupational Business License from the City of Nogales. Initial license application fee is $35 and annual license renewal fee is $35. In addition to this annual fee all Occupational Businesses must remit an occupational tax to the City of Nogales, generally on a quarterly basis. The tax amount is determined by the type of business and number of employees. All Occupational Busienss Licenses must be renewed annually in January of each year. The Business is assessed an ocupational tax based the attached schedule (below) labeled NAICS Schedule.PDF



Open Your Business in Nogales Brochure



All applications require the Project Submittal Application to completed with any submittal. Any applications received without the Project Submittal Application will be considered as an incomplete submittal. More building permit applications are available by clicking the link.


Project Submittal Application

Pre-Application Site Plan Review



Business License Application (PDF)
Business License Renewal Form (PDF)

Sales Tax Rates (PDF)
How to apply for a business license (PDF)

NAICS Schedule