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Public Works BuildingThe City of Nogales has implemented a "One Stop Shop" to serve the residents of the City and the development community. The main purpose is to receive, review, and approve all type of development applications at one location - "One Stop Shop". In helping this effort, City Departments responsible for reviewing building/development applications have established "turnaround times" as a guideline for any type of construction permits or land development within the City limits.


You are welcome to submit an application for building permits, engineering plan reviews, fire plan reviews, and for all type of planning applications required for land development or land subdivision, variances or use permits.


Nogales Citizen AccessThe City of Nogales has also implemented an application and permit tracking system that offers Citizen Access, a quick and convenient way to view the status of your application from the convenience of your home or office. This feature allows online access to status of permit applications, scheduling of building inspections, and code enforcement complaints.


To check the status of your application, all you need is the "Permit Tracking Number" (BLD13-xxxxx for Building Permits, ENG13-xxxxx for Engineering Plan Reviews, FIR13-xxxxx for Fire Plan Reviews, PLN13-xxxxx for Planning Applications, or CE13-xxxxx for Code Enforcement Case Reviews). The tracking number is created by the permit system and recorded on the application form - a copy of this form is provided to customer.


Electronic Plan Review Coming Soon!

  Electronic Plan Review Submittals


For more information please contact Eduardo Delgado at (520) 285-5754 or by email.

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Solar Plan ReviewCity of Nogales participates in the State of Arizona Solar Friendly Communities for Plan Review, Permitting and Inspections.  

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                   * All applications require the project submittal form



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