Environmental Services/Sanitation



Mission Statement

The City of Nogales, Environmental Services Department (ESD) is entrusted with providing high quality solid waste collection and disposal services for the citizens of Nogales. We are dedicated to carrying out this responsibility in a manner that demonstrates true leadership in environmental management while continuing to provide the highest level of service.


What is the Environmental Services Department (ESD)?

Our ESD consists of a set of management processes and procedures that allow our organization to analyze, manage, and reduce the environmental impact of its activities, products and services while allowing it to operate with greater efficiency and control.



It is our expectation that all Sanitation/ Environmental Services employees will embrace and support ESD's commitment to continuous improvements of all its products and services. This includes prevention of pollution throughout our operations and city sites, as well as regulatory compliance of all programs for which ESD is responsible for managing.

For Businesses

The City of Nogales provides commercial refuse collection services from two to six times a week, except Sundays and City recognized holidays. We provide a minimal service of 1 cubic yard collected twice a week, or containers as big as 6 or 8 cubic yards collected up to six days a week. Please call the City of Nogales Revenue Department at 520-287-6571 to begin your business’ trash collection today. Please follow the link to find a copy of our Commercial Refuse Collection Service Contract.


For Residents

The City of Nogales offers twice-weekly refuse collection in pre-approved City containers only. Please call the City of Nogales Public Works Department at 520-285-5731 to request your approved containers.

Please remember that the blue and black containers are City property. They do not belong to you! If you move, please leave the containers at your residence for the next tenants. Taking the bins with you is theft and is subject to prosecution.


Curbside Recycling Service

(Please do not bag recyclables...keep loose!)

The City of Nogales expanded curbside residential recycling service

to the entire City starting September 30th, 2013:



                  Recycling Flyer (English)                                   Volante Informacional de Reciclaje


Recycling will occur on either Thursday or Friday, depending on your collection schedule. Please do not bag recyclable materials...keep them loose! If trash is found in the blue bin on recycle day, then the bin will not be collected and you may receive a violation notice.

Recyclable materials include the following:

  • Plastic bottles, jugs, and containers
  • Newspaper, printing paper, magazines, paper sacks, etc
  • Cardboard boxes (packing, cereal, etc)
  • Aluminum cans (soda, soup, etc)
  • Steel tin cans
  • EMPTY Aerosol cans

The City of Nogales ran a curbside recycling service pilot program from November 2011 to April, 2012. The results were very positive.


Recycling Inspections and Information

City inspectors will make periodic checks of recycling contents throughout the community. Residents with recycling contents contaminated with garbage will be issued a notice. Those that pass the inspection will get a smile sticker on their recycle can.


Link to Earth 911 Information on how to reuse and recycle.

Visit ADEQ for additional information on recycling

Bag Central Station on how to recycle plastic bags   Bag Central Station







If your can has been inspected, with no violations, it will get a smile!           








If your can has been inspected, with no violations, it will get a smile!         












Re-inspections, with the same results will get you a BIG THUMBS UP!











Green Waste (Bagged, Boxed, or Bundled!)

The City of Nogales is pleased to offer a weekly green waste collection service for Nogales residents. Follow this link to learn more about this excellent service and the green waste rules.

In general, all green waste should be cut, tied, bundled, bagged, or boxed for easy collection. Please do not place green waste items on curb until night before collection. Each bundle should not weigh more than 60 pounds. Green waste collection does not include couches, mattresses, refrigerators, or other large, bulky items. Residents should dispose of these items on their own. If you have questions, please call Public Works at 520-285-5731.

Regular Trash Collection Schedule

Generally, regular household waste is collected either Monday or Tuesday, depending on your area's collection schedule. To avoid not receiving service, place your trash can on the sidwalk before 6:00 AM. Regular waste should be placed in the City provided grey bin. If needed, the blue bin provided by the City can also be used. Please do not use other bins or place trash on the sidewalk or on top of the bin to avoid messy streets and unsanitary conditions. The lid should be kept closed at all times. Please remove all trash cans from the sidwalk at the end of the day

Please follow the links to the appropriate trash schedules:

Waste Transfer Facility

The City of Nogales contracts with Tucson Recycling and Waste to operate a waste transfer facility. Questions: Please call 520-287-0775.

  • Residential or small customers with a nominal amount of trash in a car: $5.00 per trip.
  • Pick-up truck full load minimum charge: $10.00 per trip.
  • Larger amounts of waste weighed and charged $52.48 per ton.
  • Located at 1450 N Hohokam Drive, Nogales—behind the Public Works Department Building
  • Open Mon-Friday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Saturday 7:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Public Recycling Bins available for free disposal of plastics, aluminum, paper, and cardboard