Mayor Arturo R. Garino



Arturo R. Garino was born and raised in Nogales, Arizona.  Mayor Garino is a Vietnam Veteran and is a former fire fighter, law enforcement officer, and Public Works Director.  He was elected Mayor for the City of Nogales, Arizona, in November 2010 after previously serving as City Councilman for four years and as Vice Mayor for two years.  Mayor Garino is a board member of the Border Mayor’s Association, serves on the Executive Board of the Southeastern Arizona Government’s Organization (SEAGO), The Greater Nogales/Santa Cruz County Port Authority, and is a former member of the Security Environmental Transportation Fund Board (SETIF).  In 2011, Mayor Garino was appointed to the Southwest Border Task Force under the Homeland Security Advisory Council on Trade & Security by Secretary Janet Napolitano.


Mayor Garino has worked hard to promote Nogales and the border region.  One month into his term as Mayor, along with Mayor Jose Angel Hernandez Barajas of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico signed the historic document “Sisterhood Agreement”.  By signing the Sisterhood Agreement, both mayors created a partnership between both sides of the border to work together on issues such as trade and commerce, education, and border security. 


Since then, Mayor Garino has hosted a congressional meeting to educate government officials in Washington DC and Phoenix on the importance of Nogales and the importance its ports play in the state economy as well as the rest of the country.   For his efforts, in 2011, Mayor Garino received the White House (President Obama’s) Champions of Change Award for rising up to the challenges of the 21st century by encouraging and supporting local job growth in Nogales, cross border trade, and for helping build a positive image for the border region. 


In 2012, Mayor Garino received the Arizona Mexico Commission Tony Certosimo Award, an award named after the first Executive Director of the commission, which is given exclusively to individuals who embody what the commission strives to accomplish.  In 2013 Mayor Garino was inducted into the Nogales High School Hall of Fame for making notable contributions to the Nogales Educational System and the community.


Mayor Arturo Garino believes in building strong relationships with our neighbors to the south, which in turn, strengthens the economy of the State of Arizona.  In the Mayor’s words, “Ambos Nogales is a city of 400,000 divided by a fence.  Nogales, AZ is a great little place to be and is where you’re among friends.”

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