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Obtain a Library Card

All verifiable residents of Nogales and Santa Cruz County are eligible for a free library card. Those applying for a free library card must have verification that they reside in the county of Santa Cruz, Arizona. Patron must show identification that verifies name and current address. The Mexican Consular Identification Card is valid identification for an adult or child.


  • If the identification does not have the current address, it can be supplemented with a piece of mail, such as a utility bill.

  • Documents with their printed address such as a utility bill or a drivers’ license is acceptable proof of residency.

  • When a patron lives outside the county, but works in the county, the patron can obtain a library card, when they show proof that they work or own their own business here.

  • If the patron does not reside in Santa Cruz County but is a temporary resident they may still obtain a card by placing a $25.00 donation. This is considered a donation and is not returned. This donation may be tax deductible.

  • If the patron resides in Nogales, Sonora they must also pay $25.00; this is considered a donation and is not returned.

  • Library cards expire annually on the day issued; the clerk will automatically re-new cards if there are no changes in patron’s information or make changes as advised by patron. Renewal also applies to non-residents who have made a donation ($25.00) to have a card.

  • To replace a lost card, a $3.00 fee is charged.


If the patron has already had a library card they must pay $3.00 for a new card.


Adults that are home bound and have contacted the public library for home delivery may check out up to 20 items: 13 books, 4 videos, 2 audios, and 3 CD’s.


Magazines and newspapers do not circulate.


Charge for overdues: Books are 25 cents per day/per book not to exceed $5.00. Videos are $1.00 per day/per video not to exceed $5.00. Sundays and holidays are NOT counted as ‘FINE’ days.


Schedule of Overdue Notices:

  1. First notice: will be sent the fourth day after the book is over due. There is a three-day grace period, but if the book is returned on the fourth day or later, the fine will be counted from the due date.

  2. Second notice: will be sent 10 days after the date due.

  3. Third notice: will be sent 30 days after the due date. This notice is a bill for the items after which the library will seek legal counsel on retrieving these items. Along with the cost of the materials not returned, there is a processing fee of $10.00 for each item (to cover cost of labels and plastic covers) and $3.00 (postage cost.)


Check-In: Nogales/Santa County Public Library books may be returned at any of our libraries in the Nogales/Santa County Public Library system. In the case of audio or videotapes being mailed to a library, the patron is fully responsible for the condition of the material(s) en route to its destination.


Bookdrops: Patrons are fully responsible for any materials left in the bookdrop, i.e. DON”T LEAVE TAPES IN THE BOOKDROP. You will pay for items should they become damaged as a result of leaving them in any book drop.

Handling of Materials not in the Nogales/Santa County Public Library System

When a patron returns materials of a library not in the Nogales/Santa County Public Library system, then that patron will be charged $10.00 for the clerk’s processing time plus cost of postage. Materials will be mailed in the manner all InterLibrary Loan materials are mailed. In this case, no additional materials will be checked out from a Nogales/Santa County Public Library until these fees have been paid.


If you have any questions please call the Circulation Desk at (520) 285-5717
or the Reference Desk at (520) 285-5712.