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Dog Licenses


Any dog that is 4 months of age and is being kept within the boundaries of the County of Santa Cruz, State of Arizona for at least 30 consecutive days of each calendar year needs a county dog license.

A current rabies certificate good for at least a year must be provided to obtain a 1-year license. If the rabies certificate is good for less than a year, you may also obtain a license for the amount of months the rabies shot is good for (11 months, 10 months, etc.). 


Obtain a License by Mail


A current rabies certificate must be mailed with a check or money order with the license fee plus .50 cents per animal for postage.

Mail the current certificate with check or money order to:
Santa Cruz County Animal Control Department
2150 N Congress Dr.
Nogales, AZ 85621 




License - Altered (proof required)


License  - Unaltered


License - Altered, Senior/Disabled (proof required)


License – Unaltered, Senior/Disabled (proof required)


Replacement License


License Transfer


License Late Fee


Impound Fees – 1st Offense


Impound Fees - 2nd Offense


Impound Fees – 3rd Offense and after


Board (per day)


Animal Pick Up at Residence (owned)






Trap Rental (2 weeks)


Report Request (per page)


Adoption* (dog or cat; includes Parvo / Distemper shot for dogs, RCP for cats)


HomeAgain Microchip Implant


* Please note: Owner is responsible for cost of spay or neuter and rabies vaccination for adopted animals.