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Turn On Water, Sewer & Sanitation Services


Please contact Customer Service at 520-287-6571 to turn on your water and sewer service. You will need the following:


  1. Proof of occupancy (lease agreement, proof of ownership, etc.)
  2. Picture ID
  3. Monetary deposit (depends on size and usage of water account, generally 2 months of average water usage)


Constructing New Utility Services at a house or business?

  1. Verify Existing Utilities
    • If utilities are existing adjacent to property, City may provide "Will Serve" letter
    • If utilities are not existing or are not located adjacent to property:
      • Apply for permit and utility permit number
      • Request cost estimate to construct service line for water and a Business Connection Sewer (BCS) for sewer connection
      • Utilities Department will provide a cost estimate based on time and materials for City staff to construct and replace pavement and traffic control
      • Utilities Department will submit estimate to Revenue Department for payment and verification will be returned to Utilities Department
      • Once Utilities Department receives verification of payment, work order is created and services are installed, typically within two weeks
        • If pretreatment is required, this will be determined during the plan review process and will be based on type of business and processes used at the facility
  2. Verify Blue Stake, as needed
    • Blue Statke requires a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to digging
  3. Provide "Will Serve) letter from Unisource for Electric and/or Gas service
  4. Septic Service will need approval from Santa Cruz County Health Department
  5. Below are checklists and standards for utility services:

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