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The City of Nogales Utility Department is customer centered. Our team is committed to service and technical excellence. Although we are out in the streets of Nogales every day, we don’t see everything so I encourage each of you to let us know is something is broken or in need of repair. The information and links on the following pages are meant to assist you in accomplishing your business as quickly and easily as possible. If you are not able to find what you need here or would like to make suggestions on how we can better serve you, I encourage you to call our Permit Center directly at 285-5731.


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Utilities FAQ's

How do I apply for Service?

Sec. 19-51. Application for service.

(a)     Water utility service may only be provided pursuant to a written application on forms provided by the city for that purpose. The city, as a condition precedent to approving an application for water service to any premises, shall collect all installation and other charges required by this division. Title to all pipes, fittings and other water facilities shall be and remain in the City of Nogales. Where service is requested by two or more individuals the city shall have the right to collect the full amount owed for water utility service from any one of the applicants.

(b)     The following minimum information shall be required from each new applicant for water utility service:

(1)     Name or names of applicant(s);

(2)     Service address or location and telephone number;

(3)     Billing address/telephone number if different than service address;

(4)     Address where water service was provided previously;

(5)     Date applicant will be ready for service;

(6)     Indication of whether premises have been supplied with water utility service previously;

(7)     Purpose for which service is to be used;

(8)     Indication of whether applicant is owner or tenant of or agent for the premises.

(Ord. No. 92-09-11, § 7, 12-2-92)

How much does service cost?

Sec. 19-52. Deposits.

(a)     All customers of water, present and prospective, shall deposit with the City Clerk and Treasurer the amounts hereinafter designated, to be kept throughout the period during which the customers making such deposits shall use or consume water, and such amounts shall be returned to such customers as they may discontinue such consumption; providing that, at the time of such discontinuance, such customers shall have fully paid for all water theretofore furnished or delivered to them. The City Clerk and Treasurer shall have the power and authority to apply the deposit of any customer to the payment, in full or in part, of any delinquent and unpaid amount by such customer owing upon the account of water supplied and delivered. Such deposits shall not bear interest.

(b)     The City Clerk and Treasurer may require a deposit of not less than two months nor more than 12 months average monthly bill for the account or in the case of a new account, based on the estimated monthly bill, as a condition of providing water service. The city may review the customer's water usage after service has been connected and adjust the deposit amount up or down based on the customer's actual water usage.

(Ord. No. 92-09-11, § 7, 12-2-92)

Can I be refused service?

Sec. 19-53. Grounds for refusal of service.

The City of Nogales may refuse to establish water utility service if any of the following conditions exists:

(1)     The applicant has an outstanding amount due for the same class of water service with the city and the applicant is unwilling to make arrangements with the city for payment;

(2)     A condition exists which in the city's judgment is unsafe or hazardous to the applicant, the general population, or the city's personnel or facilities;

(3)     Refusal by the applicant to provide the city with a water utility deposit;

(4)     Failure of customer to furnish such funds, service, equipment and/or rights-of-way necessary to serve the customer and which has been specified by the city as a condition for providing water utility service;

(5)     Applicant falsifies his or her identity for the purpose of obtaining service.

(Ord. No. 92-09-11, § 7, 12-2-92)

What are my responsibilities?

Sec. 19-57. Customer responsibility.

Each customer of the City of Nogales water utility shall be responsible for the following:

(1)     Each customer shall be responsible for maintaining all facilities on the customer's side of the point of delivery or meter in a safe and efficient manner and in accordance with the rules of the Santa Cruz County Health Department, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, and any other jurisdiction with regulatory powers over such connections;

(2)     Each customer shall be responsible for safeguarding all city water department property installed in or on the customer's premises for the purpose of supplying water to that customer;

(3)     Each customer shall exercise all reasonable care to prevent loss or damage to city water department property, excluding ordinary wear and tear. The customer shall be responsible for loss of or damage to city water department property on the customer's premises arising from neglect, carelessness, or misuse and shall reimburse the city for the cost of necessary repairs or replacements;

(4)     Each customer shall be responsible for payment of any equipment damage resulting from unauthorized breaking of seals, tampering or bypassing the city water department meter;

(5)     Each customer shall be responsible for notifying the city of any failure identified in city's water department equipment;

(6)     Water furnished by the city shall be used only on the customer's premises and shall not be resold to any other person. During critical water conditions, as determined by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, the customer shall use water only for those purposes specified by the city. Disregard for this provision shall be sufficient cause for refusal or discontinuance of water utility service by the city;

(7)     Each customer shall provide the city and its employees and agents the right of safe ingress and egress to the customer's premises for any purpose reasonably connected with the city's water utility property used in furnishing service and the exercise of any and all rights secured to it by law or this article;

(8)     Each customer shall be responsible for paying all water rates, charges and fees when due.

(Ord. No. 92-09-11, § 7, 12-2-92)

When are my bills due and where can I pay them?

Sec. 19-58. When and where bills are due and payable; delinquency; penalties.

Water rates, charges and/or fees are due and payable at Office of the City Treasurer of the City of Nogales not later than 20 days after the billing date of the bill. Unpaid water rates, charges and/or fees are delinquent after 30 days from the billing date of the water bill. If the unpaid balance and any interest and penalty charges are not paid within ten working days from the date of the delinquent notice, the city may take appropriate legal actions to ensure the delinquency is paid. For delinquent charges that require legal action for collection, an interest charge of ten percent per year from the date of delinquency shall be added and a penalty charge of ten percent of the unpaid balance or $10.00, whichever is greater, may be added.

(Ord. No. 92-09-11, § 7, 12-2-92; Ord. No. 93-03-07, § I, 5-5-93)

Can my service be terminated?

Sec. 19-59. Termination of service with notice.

(a)    Grounds for termination with notice. Water service to a customer may be terminated by the city, upon ten days advance written notice, for any of the following reasons:

(1)     Customer violation of any of the provisions of this article;

(2)     Failure of the customer to meet or maintain the city water department's credit and deposit requirements;

(3)     Failure of the customer to provide the city reasonable access to its water department equipment and property;

(4)     Failure of a customer to pay a delinquent bill for water service;

(5)     Failure of bank to honor customer's check for any reason.

(b)    Termination for nonpayment of delinquent bill. If any bill for a water rate, charge and/or fee made to the customer pursuant to this article is not paid within the first 30 days after it is due, the customer shall be given written notice specifying that the bill is past due. If no payment has been received within ten days, the customer shall be given written notice specifying that the bill is delinquent, and outlining the procedure by which the customer may challenge the accuracy of the bill. If a delinquent bill is not paid, and no challenge has been made to the accuracy of the bill within ten days of the notice of delinquency, the water supply will, without further notice, be turned off, and not turned on until all sums due are paid in full, together with a charge for reconnection after delinquency as provided in section 19-84.

(c)    Tagging meters. The water department shall affix a red tag to any meter closed for delinquency. The tag shall be affixed by using wire, plastic or other similar materials, which must be cut to be opened once it has been affixed. The tag shall read "Tampering with a water meter is a violation of Nogales City Code Section 19-85 and is punishable by a fine of not less than $25.00." The number of the meter to which the tag is affixed shall also be written on the tag.

(d)    Reconnection of service. In no case shall any individual or plumber turn on the water supply to any building, or any supply pipe, where the supply has been turned off for the nonpayment of the monthly water bill or for the violation of any provision of this article. All water that has been turned off by the city water department shall be turned on again by the employees or agents of the city water department.

(e)    Violation for tampering with meter. It shall be unlawful for a person to tamper with a water meter or a tag affixed to a water meter close for delinquency. Any person violating any provision of this section shall be punished by a fine of not less than $25.00 nor more than $250.00 for the first offense