Tourist FAQ


Tourist Questions

Where can I park in downtown Nogales?

On street parking is available throughout downtown Nogales, so have a few quarters readily available. Secure parking lots are available around Terrace Avenue when crossing into Mexico. Most parking lots charge around $5 and generally accept only cash.


Do I have to know Spanish in Nogales?

No. Nogales is a bilingual, bicultural town. English and Spanish are widely spoken on both sides of the border.


Do I need cash?

Yes! Credit cards are widely accepted in Nogales, Arizona, but some stores may charge an additional fee or not accept cards at all. ATM’s are available in Nogales served by Chase, Wells Fargo, Washington Federal, and other financial institutions. Cash, including dollars, is generally the preferred payment method in Mexico where money exchanges abound near the border and bartering is typical.


Am I safe in Nogales?

Nogales, AZ has a crime rate well below Tucson and Phoenix, thanks in part to a significant law enforcement presence. The State of Sonora has consistently ranked as one of the safest states in Mexico.

Where can I best see the border fence?

The border fence can be widely seen throughout Nogales due to the hilly topography. Some of the most interesting border pictures can be taken on International Street while shopping on Morley Avenue.

What should I know when crossing the border?

Mexico is an exciting place to visit, so ensure you have the proper documentation to return to the United States. Passports or border crossing cards are best. Be prepared to wait in line, answer some questions, declare what you are bringing back, and have documents for medications.

What happens at the I-19 checkpoint?

The Border Patrol Checkpoint north of Tubac offers a simple procedure for the traveling public. American citizens need only declare citizenship, and foreign visitors should have proper documentation.

Do I need Mexican car insurance?

If you are driving to Mexico, then you will need Mexico car insurance. A variety of insurance companies in Nogales, Arizona can provide the necessary insurance for a single day, week, or longer.

Is it really "Duty Free" shopping?

A number of duty free shops are located right next to the border selling items like liquor, tobacco, chocolate, perfume, jewelry, and more. Many items can be purchased “duty free”, or tax free, when taken immediately across the border into Mexico.

Are there any gyms or fitness classes?

Two membership gyms in Nogales include Fitness Express at 2051 N Grand Ave in Nogales (520-761-4820) and Grand Fitness at 2567 N Grand Ave in Nogales (520-761-0945). Exercise classes are available here and other locations throughout the community, including Yoga, Zumba, cycling, jazzercise, and more.

Is there medical tourism in Mexico?

Nogales, Sonora is known for a large number of medical offices very close to the border. Many Americans and Canadians come to Nogales, Sonora seeking more affordable prices on eyeglasses, dental work, prescription drugs,  simple medical procedures, and more. Many offices accept American insurance and credit cards. It is always a good idea to do research before seeking any medical attention.

Medical facilities are available in Nogales, Arizona, including Carondolet Holy Cross Hospital with an emergency room and Mariposa Community Health Center.


Are there any whole food store options?

Nogales has a GNC located at 276 W Mariposa Road, and the Happy Home Nutrition Center is downtown at 441 N Grand Ave. The Nogales Mercado is held each Friday on Morley Avenue in downtown Nogales and features fresh, local products. Pure Joy Planet Store is located at 2221 E Frontage Rd in Tubac.