Construction and Inspections

The building inspection staff performs all required inspections for all new and remodeled residences, commercial and industrial buildings, tenant improvements, and other structures to ensure they are built in compliance with all building codes and approved plans.

Inspections are scheduled no later than 3:30 pm the day before the inspection.  Inspection hours are from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday thru Friday, (closed holidays).  Weekend inspections can be scheduled by request in writing.  The fee for weekend inspection is $60.00 per hour, minimum of 2 hours, paid in advance.

To schedule an inspection call, 520-285-5747 prior to 3:30 pm the day before the desired inspection.

Building Department Inspection Record (Download Here)

All pertinent inspections must be passed prior to issuing a certificate of occupancy. As outlined below, certain inspections must be passed before moving on to next steps in the construction process:

  • Do not pour footing until the following has been approved:
    • Building excavation layout, rebar
    • Foundation wall forms, rebar
  • Do not pour floor until the following has been approved:
    • Rough plumbing (under slab)
    • Rough mechanical (under slab)
    • Rough electrical (under slab)
    • Building floor rein (pre-slab)
  • Do not cover until the following has been approved:
    • Reinforced masonry (before grouting)
    • Roof, sheating nailing
    • Intermediate mechanical
    • Intermediate plumbing (top out)
    • Intermediate electrical
    • Final frame pre-sheetrock
    • Exterior sheathing stuccomesh
    • Lath and/or drywall
  • Utility inspections required:
    • Gas
    • Sewer
    • Pretreatment (dependent on facility and ordinance)
    • Water - Backflow Assembly Inspection and approval may be required
  • Do not occupy building until the following has been approved:
    • Building
    • Electrical
    • Septic
  • Special inspections:
    • Pool pre-gunite
    • Pool final enclosure
    • Trailer underground
    • Trailer utilities
    • Temporary service
    • Certificate of occupancy
    • Special inspection violations
    • ADA compliance
    • Compliance with all other code requirements
  • Fire Marshal Inspections (as required)
    • All utilities must be on and in service (electric, gas, water, telecommunications, etc)
    • Fireplaces, fixed barbeques, etc.
    • Compliance with all other code requirements
    • Electrical system compliance
    • Non-residential
      • Portable fire extinguishers installed and tagged by an Arizona licensed fire extinguisher company
      • Hood suppression system compliance
      • Fire alarm compliance
      • Fire sprinkler compliance for above ground, below ground, and standpipes
      • Fire flow compliance

Final Inspection and Certificate of Occupancy

A final inspection may be required prior to issuing a Certificate of Occupancy:

  • Planning and Zoning Director
  • City Engineer
  • Chief Building Inspector
  • Fire Marshal
  • Santa Cruz County Flood Control District
  • Pretreatment final acceptance if pretreatment is required
  • Utilities Director