The City Council exercises all the legislative powers of the City except legislation that needs approval by the qualified voters of the City. The City Council members may propose, discuss, and vote on legislative matters such as resolutions, orders, and ordinances for consideration by the entire City Council.

The City Council meets regularly at City Hall at 6:00 pm on the first Wednesday of each month, and may meet in special sessions as called by the Mayor or a majority of its members. All meetings are open to the public and agendas are publicly posted.

The members of the City Council are elected at large by the qualified voters of the City of Nogales for a four year term. The City Council members are limited to only two consecutive terms in office. Elections are staggered so that three seats are open for election every two years.

The City Council appoints the City Manager, City Attorney, City Magistrate, and City Clerk to their respective positions.

The City Council appoints a Vice-Mayor from within its own ranks. The Vice-Mayor, in the absence of the Mayor, is the acting mayor and performs the duties of the mayor.