Great hiking trails are readily accessible in the mountains and valleys surrounding Nogales. Below is a list of some of the most popular hikes. More information is available at trails.com .


Anza Trail
Trail that leads from the Mexican border to San Francisco, beginning at the 1904 Courthouse in Nogales. It is the historic trail of Juan Bautista de Anza. An easy walking route leads between Tumacacori Mission and Tubac Presidio. Visit anzahistorictrail.org for more information.

Manuel Tapia Trail
A paved urban exercise trail located adjacent to the Santa Cruz County complex at 2150 North Congress Drive in Nogales.

Guy Tobin Trailhead
Rio Rico Anza Trailhead with historical and informational markers.

medMount_Benedict.jpg Rio Rico Trail
Urban trail located in Rio Rico running parallel to Pendleton Drive accessed off Rio Rico Drive from Exit 17.

Arizona Trail
Trail that leads all the way through Arizona from Mexico to Utah border. Begins in Patagonia Mountains south of the town. Visit aztrail.org for more information.

Madera Canyon Wheelchair
Two simple loops at base of Madera canyon.

Atascosa Lookout: 5 miles
Short and steep, located west of Pena Blanca Lake on Ruby Road in the Pajarito Mountains west of Nogales.

Sonoita Creek: 1.2 miles
Beautiful hike in Patagonia Lake State Park east of Nogales off SR 82 near the Town of Patagonia.

Pajarito Wilderness: 9.5 miles medRainbow_1.jpg
Running water trail in the Atascosa mountains. Wild and untamed wilderness where gray wolf was reintroduced.

Bog Springs: 5 miles
Nestled among the high summits of the Santa Rita mountains. Popular for bird watching. Accessed on north face.

Old Baldy Trail: 10.8 miles
Oldest, shortest, steep route to ascend 4,000 feet from trailhead to summit. Very popular trail and well maintained makes ascent manageable. Accessed on north face.

Gardner Canyon: 9 miles
Remote route on Mt. Wrightson’s eastern slope, extending to its upper reaches.

Florida Canyon: 14.8 miles
Backpack to the crest of the Santa Rita Mountains with an excellent view of Mt. McCleary. Accessed on north face.

medPatagonia_Mountains.jpg Madera Creek: 2.8 miles
Upper section of Nature Trail almost forgotten by hikers with benches for resting. Accessed on north face.

Santa Rita Crest: 13.2 miles
Alternate, less traveled route to the Santa Rita crest and summit of Mt Wrightson. Accessible on Mt. Wrightson’s east face.

Sycamore Canyon: 5 miles
Wet and difficult hike located west of Pena Blanca Lake on Ruby Road in the Pajarito Mountains west of Nogales.

Dutch John Spring: 2.6 miles
Lovely woodland trail just far enough away that it gets few hikers. Accessed on north face.

Mt Wrightson: 11.7 miles
Towering above the surrounding desert floor, Mt Wrightson offers an example of “sky islands” with its considerable cooler and wetter climate and unique ecosystems. Accessed on north face.

Mt Wrightson Super: 16.2 miles
A long day hike or backpack to the summit on a well maintained trail. Accessed on north face.