Nogales Police Department Communications Division

NPD Communications Division: The all-important professionals behind the scenes


The Nogales Police Department Communications Division is an integral part of our day-to-day public safe t y operations. Much like a "hub" that holds all the spokes together in a wheel, NPD Communications is the center of all public safety needs in Nogales, Arizona.

Police Communications Officers are the life-line in all 911 calls within the community, quickly distinguishing between the need to send a police officer, an ambulance, or a fire truck to any location needed within the area. Communications Officers require a special skillset that not everybody is equipped with. These unique team members at NPD are required to take in information, coordinate responses, deal with multi-agency dispatching, record vital information, and also dissimenate information to NPD officers and other agencies, often simultaniously. With all of this to consider, a Communications Officer is always expected to remain collected and professional in their trade. A Communication Officer's ability to multi-task and remain calm in high-stress situations is imperative. Their instructions to a victim on what to do in an emergency, or directions to an officer on how and where to respond can mean the difference between a safe or tragic outcome. A Communications Officer is seldom seen out in public while wearing the uniform, nor do they get to see their help in action because they must remain vigilant at their post ready to take the next call, but if a Nogales Police Officer, NFD Ambulance, or NFD Fire Truck has ever responded to your emergency, then there is a Communications Officer to thank. NPD greatly values the work of our Communications Officers and appreciates their service to our community.

NPD Communications Officers Pictured Below: Eduardo Madrid (right) and Michael Soto (left) each monitor their assigned radio channels where officers in the field count on their help, while also taking 911 calls from the public.


Communications Supervisor Christina Bermudez


The Communications Division is supervised by Christina Bermudez. Ms. Bermudez began her career at the Nogales Police Department in 1993 as a Communications Officer. Ms. Bermudez attended and successfully completed a course in Public Safety Communications Operations in 1994 at the Central Arizona Regional Law Officers Training Academy. Ms. Bermudez also worked in NPD's Records Division during her tenure and was promoted to Communications Supervisor in 1999. Ms. Bermudez has several leadership and technical trainings to compliment her 21 years of service, to include FEMA Certification in the National Incident Management System and Integrated Emergency Management also from FEMA's Emergency Management Institute.