NPD Canine

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Nogales Police K-9 Unit

The Nogales Police Department canine unit consists of three police officers. The K-9 Teams deploy in a support role for uniformed patrol officers. The teams work overlapping shifts so the department can have teams on the duty every night. The teams are available for callout if a situation arises. Each handler takes his partner home along with their specially equipped police car. The canine are sociable and enjoy many things that a pet dog would. All canine are certified for patrol work and their other specialty through the National Police Canine Association (NPCA).

The unit also provides more specialized support in the areas of narcotic, weapon, and currency detection. Currently, there are two teams that work in narcotic detection, and one in currency detection. The canine teams are able to search just about anywhere the canine be deployed. They do this in support of uniform patrol, undercover agents, and various narcotic task forces. Canines can be passive alert canines or aggressive alert canine. A passive alert canine will sit at the location of detection  while aggressive alert canines scratch and bark at the location of detection. Detection work is similar to a game for the canines as they believes thy are actually searching for a reward (toy, praise) instead of actually finding contraband. Through training the canines associate the odor of contraband with a reward.

Officer John Zuniga and his partner Deuce is a Belgian Malinois  with a specialty in narcotics detection.

Officer Oscar Mesta and his partner Ari is a Belgian Malinois with a specialty in currency detection.

Officer Armando Moreno and his partner Tractor is a Malinois / Shepherd mix with a specialty in narcotics detection.