NPD Motors


Traffic Enforcement Unit (Motors)

The Nogales Police Department Motor Division consists of four officers that deploy throughout the City of Nogales during the busiest traffic days and hours. Officers get trained in an intense motorcycle-training program where they develop the necessary skills to perform and ride safely under normal and emergency situations. The Nogales Police Department Motor officers are quickly gaining recognition as highly skilled riders throughout the Southwestern states and have won awards in riding competitions, which are held on a yearly basis throughout the States of Arizona, California and Nevada.

The primary objective of the Division is traffic enforcement in order to produce a more efficient flow of traffic, reduce collisions and reduce injuries due to collisions. Motor officers respond to traffic complaints and work enforcement where collisions are high. Motor officers ride BMW 1200 motorcycles and they are equipped with speed measuring laser guns to assist them with their traffic enforcement efforts. The Motorcycle Division is also equipped with a Sokkia Total Station (A.I.M.S.) system that assist them to plot, shoot and investigate collisions involving serious injuries and or fatalities.

The Motorcycle Division is committed to enhancing, promoting, educating and enforcing traffic safety throughout our city in order to keep our streets safe.

Motor Officers:

Sergeant Robert Fierros #213

Motor Officer Luis Andrade #236

Motor Officer Guadalupe Villa #249

Motor Officer Gaston Ortega #248

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