Planning and Zoning Resources

This page lists a variety of applications, checklists and other resources that might be necessary/useful during your development process:

Demolition Permit Submittal Checklist (Download Here)

Project Submittal Form required (Download Here)

  • If you are planning to demolish any portion of the structure, a demolition permit will be required.
  • Any structure undergoing renovation/demolition for commercial, public, industrial, or residential having five or more dwelling units will require an Asbestos report.
  • Buildings/structures classified as historic properties must first be reviewed by the City of Nogales Cultural Heritage commission prior to demolition.

Development Standards Code for the City of Nogales (Download Here) 599 page document

The City of Nogales Development Standards Code provides a wide range of detailed regulations to promote and facilitate orderly and planned growth and development through the provision of certainty in the development approval process. All site plans will be reviewed based on this and all other City codes and ordinances.

General Plan (Download Here)

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Grading Checklist (Download Here)

Use this checklist if any grading (dirt moving) is required for your project.

Home Occupational Use Permit Application--Board of Adjustment (Download Here)

Certain home occupations may not match the actually designated zoning of the home where the occupation will be located. In such cases, a Home Occupational Use Permit Application may be granted by the Board of Adjustment.

Infill Incentive District (Download Brochure Here)

The City of Nogales wants you to invest in its historic, vibrant, high traffic downtown area. A qualifying individual or company can earn a rebate of water and sewer impact fees of up to $6,000 per new job meeting certain wage criteria.

Lot Split / PAD / Subdivision Requirements Checklist and Application (Download Here)

A lot, parcel, or tract of land cannot be split/divided into more than three (3) lots, parcels or tracts. A fourth lot, parcel, or tract requires the splits to follow the subdivision rules and regulations.

New / Change / Verify Address Request Form (Download Here)

An address is eligible for change if it meets one or more of the following requirements: the address does not fit into the proper numerical sequence with surrounding addresses, contains a fraction, alpha designator, causes confusion or is difficult to locate. US Post Office notification is required.

Pre-Application Site Plan Review Checklist (Download Here)

The City of Nogales allows one free pre-application meeting prior to official plans submittal. The intent of this meeting is to work with applicants prior to a final submittal and get initial feedback from reviewing departments and/or agencies. Plans should be as complete as possible to get the best feedback.

Rezoning Application--Planning & Zoning Commission (Download Here)

A variety of steps are required for an area to be rezoned. The rezoning request will be heard by the Planning & Zoning Commission and the final decision will be made by the City Council.

Setback Requirements

City of Nogales
Development Standards Code

Zoning Front Left Side Right Side Back
SFR-32 25' 15' 15' 25'
SFR-18 25' 15' 15' 25'
SFR-12 25' 10' 10' 25'
SFR-9 20' 7' 7' 20'
SFR-7 20' 7' 7' 20'
SFR-4 15' 5' 5' 5'
MFR-1 UNIT 15' 5' 5' 15'
MFR-2 UNITS 15' 5' 5' 15'
MFR-3 UNITS 15' 10' 10' 20'
MFR-4 UNITS 20' 10' 10' 20'
MFR-5 UNITS 20' 10' 10' 20'
MFR-6 UNITS 25' 15' 15' 25'
MFR-7 UNITS 25' 15' 15' 25'
MHR 15' 7 7' 8'
LC/CG Setbacks Shall Meet with Parking Regulations

Sidewalk / Street Cutting / Right of Way Application and Checklist (Download Here)

This permit is required for excavation and construction or temporary work in City right of way on public streets, alleys, and/or sidewalks. Requirements include a site plan and traffic control plan, among others.

Special Inspection Certificate (Download Here)

The following work requires a special inspection and special inspection certificate:

  • Fabricators
  • Post-tensioned concrete slab
  • Metal building steel, lateral, high-strength bolts, welding
  • Holdowns, placement and installation, epoxy bolts
  • Masonry construction
  • Grading, excavation and fill placement
  • Soils
  • Concrete construction
  • Other special cases as determined

Sign Permit Submittal Checklist--PERMANENT (Download Here)

Any permanent sign, whether freestanding or not, must be approved with a proper site plan. Sign permits must first go through an Administrative Review process with the Planning & Zoning Department prior to applying for a Building Sign Permit.

Sign Application--TEMPORARY (Download Here)

Temporary signs which are intended for use at grand openings of new businesses only may be permitted. Such signs are limited to a maximum period of fourteen (14) calendar days and shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet. This includes banners, pennants, A-frame signs and inflated objects.

Special Conditional Use Permit Application--Board of Adjustment (Download Here)

Each district in the City contains designated permitted uses. In addition to the designated permitted uses in each district, there are conditional uses, neither absolutely permitted as a right nor prohibited by law, which may be compatible with the district. These privileges, in a sense, must be applied for and approved by the Board of Adjustment.

Variance Application--Board of Adjustment (Download Here)

An application for a Variance must meet all of the following criteria before it can be presented to the Board of Adjustment for their consideration:

  1. There exists special conditions and circumstances existing which are peculiar to the land, structure or building involved in the application, and which are not applicabel to other lands, structures or buildings in the same district (size, shape, topography, location or surroundings); and
  2. The literal interpretation of the provisions of the zoning ordinance would deprive the applicant of rights commonly enjoyed by other properties in the same district under the terms of the Ordinance; and
  3. The alleged hardship(s) caused by a literal interpretation of the provisions of the zoning ordinance include more than personal/business inconveniences and more than a personal/business financial hardship, and do not result from the actions of the applicants; and
  4. Granting the variance requested does not confer upon the applicant any special privilege that is denied by the zoning ordinance to other lands, structures or buildings in the same district; and
  5. Granting the variance request does not interfere or injure the rights of other properties in the same district.

Zoning Verification Request Form (Download Here)

Use this form to verify the zoning of a particular lot, parcel, or tract.

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