Pre-Application Site Plan Review

Schedule Pre-Application Site Plan Review Committee (Download checklist here)

The City of Nogales allows one free pre-application meeting prior to official plans submittal. The intent of this meeting is to work with applicants prior to a final submittal and get initial feedback from reviewing departments and/or agencies. The information listed below is not required at this phase, however, complete documents will provide a more thorough understanding of your development proposal and result in more useful comments from staff. Comments from agencies such as utility companies or Santa Cruz County Flood Control District are the responsibility of the applicant during the preliminary process.

Please call the City of Nogales One Stop Shop at 520-285-5747 to schedule your pre-application meeting.

  • The following applicable site data should be included:
  • Provide completed Project Submittal Form (Download here)
  • 2 copies, (1) 24" x 36" and (1) 11" x 17" sheet size, drawn to scale
  • Any additional plans submitted must also be in same format
  • All plans must be black line prints only (no blueprints, shading, aerials, etc)
  • Provide all applicable site data including at least the following (as needed):
    • Submitted by (name, address, phone, email)
    • Project name
    • Site address
    • Proposed uses and/or scope of work
    • List all Use Permits or Variances requested
    • Location map, oriented in the same direction
    • Bar scale and North arrow
    • Legal description
    • Property lines, lease lines, phase lines, easements and setbacks, fully dimensioned
    • Parcel size (net and gross)
    • Nogales General Plan Land Use Designation
    • Zoning (existing and proposed)
    • Building area, percentage of lot coverage, height of building and number of stores
    • Type of construction per International Building Code
    • Indicate if building(s) will be equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system
    • Residential density, number and type of units
    • Parking for motor vehicles, required and provided
    • Landscape area on-site, required and provided as a percent of site area (also, show landscape area in right of way)
    • Fire hydrant, on-site or within 150' of the property
    • All existing and proposed refuse enclosures
    • Show and dimension all streets, alleys, medians and driveways on both sides of street within 125' of property
    • Show all existing and proposed storm drains, sewer lines, water lines, Fire Department connections and hydrants
    • Show proposed retention areas for 100 year, one hour storm with preliminary hydrology calculations