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Ambos Nogales is one of the most unique cities in North America, where cultural, linguistic, social, and familial ties have crossed international borders for generations. Today Ambos Nogales is one community separated by a fence, and it is a thriving, invigorating community that invites you to rediscover all its unique offerings that await. Click on the image to the right to view the Nogales Official Visitor Guide !

Rediscovering Nogales means enjoying all the favorites this distinctive border community offers, like rich culture, authentic food, exciting "Old Mexico," historical landmarks, unique architecture, and spectacular weather.  Rediscovering Nogales also includes thrilling getaways to museums, border shops, sporting events, festivals, and more. Just an hour drive south of Tucson, Nogales is your base for days of challenging outdoor adventures like fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, and biking. Birding in desert wetlands, golfing, wine tasting, stargazing, ghost towns, state parks, the Anza and Arizona Trails, and stunning high desert sunsets complete your Nogales Rediscovery.

When you visit Nogales, you'll see that it is a place where American Indian, Hispanic, and Anglo cultures add flavor and history to a city that maintains its small town charm and Old West ranching traditions. Unique finds include a vibrant downtown, artisanal pottery and copperware, and Paul Bond boots. Bienvenidos a Nogales!

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