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As part of our ongoing effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the City of Nogales is closed to the public, except by appointment only. Call (520)287-6571 for more information on continued services.

Former Mayors

John F. Doyle 2014-2018
Arturo Garino 2011-2014 C.C. Chesire 1937-1939
Octavio Garcia Von-Borstel 2008-2010 Andrew Bettwy 1935-1937
Ignacio J. Barraza 2007-2007 Joseph E. Wise 1933-1935
Albert M. Kramer 2003-2006 Harry J. Jenkins 1927-1933
Marco A. Lopez 2001-2003 Duane Bird 1924-1927
Cesar Rios 1997-2000 James A. Harrison 1920-1924
Louie Valdez 1995-1996 G.H. Fiedler 1919-1920
Jose L. Canchola 1993-1994 W.G Bowman 1918-1919
Mary P. Macias 1991-1993 H.M. Clagett 1916-1918
Jose L. De La Ossa 1989-1991 L.W. Mix 1912-1916
Daniel G. Doyle 1987-1989 Dr. A.H. Noon 1910-1912
Marcelino Varona Jr. 1985-1987 John T. Brickwood 1906-1910
F.D. Fontes 1979-1985 F.F. Cranz 1904-1906
Arthur M. Doan 1965-1979 H.W. Kelsey 1902-1904
Abe Rochlin 1959-1965 W.F. Overton 1898-1908
Jose B. Colunga 1955-1959 G.A. Avery 1896-1898
Harry Chernin 1951-1955 Fred Herrera 1895-1896
James V. Robins 1945-1951 Anton Proto 1894-1895
Louis B. Hudgin 1939-1945 James B. Mix 1893-1894

City Council

Mayor Garino

Arturo R. Garino /Mayor/

Vice-Mayor Maldonado

Jorge Maldonado/Vice-Mayor/

Councilman Rojas

Robert Rojas /Councilman/

Councilwoman Melendez-Lopez

Esther Melendez-Lopez /Councilwoman/

Councilman Varona

Dr. Marcelino Varona /Councilman/

Councilman Bojorquez

Hector Bojorquez/Councilman/

Councilman Hanessian

Nubar Hanessian /Councilman/

City of Nogales

Nogales, AZ is a great little place to be and is where you’re among friends.

Mayor Arturo Garino

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