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As part of our ongoing effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the City of Nogales is closed to the public, except by appointment only. Call (520)287-6571 for more information on continued services.


The State of Arizona has lowered taxes, streamlined regulations, and established a suite of incentives to support corporate growth and expansion. The Arizona Competitiveness Package, groundbreaking legislation adopted in 2011, makes it easier for existing Arizona companies to prosper and establishes Arizona as one of the most desirable places for expanding companies to do business. Give your company a competitive edge by utilizing Arizona’s incentives, programs, and grants.

City of Nogales Infill Incentive District

Construction projects located along parts of Grand Avenue that create quality paying jobs can qualify for a reimbursement of water and sewer impact fees.

Commercial Signs

Nogales has increased the signage areas for commercial uses! Contact our P&Z department for specific information.

Job Training

Job Training grants reimburse up to 75% of eligible training expenses for employers creating new jobs.

Quality Jobs

The Quality Jobs tax credit offers up to $9,000 of Arizona income or premium tax credits spread over a three-year period for each net new quality job.

Qualified Facility

The Qualified Facility program offers a refundable income tax credit equal eligible companies making a Capital Investment to establish or expand a Qualified Facilities.

Computer Data Center

CDC provides Transaction Privilege Tax and Use Tax exemptions at the state, county, and local levels, on qualifying purchases of CDC equipment.

Research & Development

The R&D tax credit provides an Arizona income tax credit for increased research and development activities conducted in this state.

Foreign Trade Zone

Businesses, located in a zone or sub-zone, are eligible for up to an 80 percent reduction in state real and personal property taxes.

Others available at www.azcmommerce.com

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